Our ultimate vision is to see another Great Awakening in North America … and beyond. We hope it’s the final one before Jesus returns (Matthew 24:14). Empowering ordinary people like you to share your faith is a key component.

Another Great Awakening in North America … and Beyond

The First, Second, and Third Great Awakenings were spiritual revival movements in America. Large numbers of people committed to following Jesus during these periods. Hawley’s ancestors Solomon Stoddard and Jonathan Edwards were leaders in the First Great Awakening. They lived in the Springfield, Massachusetts area in the early 1700s.

Sad to say, in 2019 the Barna group named Springfield the most post-Christian city in America. What a turn of events! For this reason, we’ve returned to our family’s heritage by relocating to Springfield. It’s now our base of operations as we empower ordinary people like you to share your faith

Through the phone and internet, we can work with anyone anywhere in the world who wants to share Jesus. Allow us to be your guides as you begin having spiritual conversations with the people you love. Another Great Awakening will only happen through a contagious movement of ordinary people. A major obstacle standing in the way is a lack of training in simple ways to share their faith.

Multiplying Like Rabbits

We chose a rabbit for our logo because the emphasis of our training is multiplication. Most discipleship efforts use addition when sharing faith and equipping leadership. Addition depends on very few skilled people to do most of the work. The result is a slower reproduction cycle like that of elephants. With multiplication, every single disciple understands themselves as disciple-makers and has the competence. This way more people share their faith, invest in others, and start new groups. The result is much faster reproduction like rabbits, reaching a lot people at a rapid pace. This is how we can reach a whole family, a city or region, and even the world.