We’re Moving… to the Most Post-Christian City in America

After many months of discernment, we are planning to move to the Springfield, Massachusetts area in early 2021. We will be sad to leave Birmingham after six years at the Cathedral Church of the Advent. The desire to make the move to New England started last summer when the The Barna Group released a research report of “The Most Post-Christian Cities in America.” The first eight of the top 10 cities were in the North East with Springfield topping the list.

Our Vision: A New Awakening in New England

Not only have we lived in New England before, but Hawley has much family history in Western Massachusetts. She is related to Jonathan Edwards who sparked the First Great Awakening in the area. It is an ironic tragedy that Springfield is now the most secular metro area in our nation. Our vision is to catalyze a new awakening in New England.

To carry out this task, we are joining the team of an international ministry called Biglife. The mission of Biglife is to empower believers worldwide to reach and disciple their own people for Jesus. In order to be on this mission, we will be trusting God to live entirely on partner-raised support as missionaries. We would like you to prayerfully consider joining our team of partners.


Cardwell: A Story of an Awakened Life

In Birmingham, Matt has been doing much of the type of work he will be doing in New England. One of his closest disciples has been Cardwell Feagin:

“Matt first taught me how to read the Bible. He taught me not just to read it, but to examine it and apply it. Then Matt taught me that Jesus needed to be the center of my world. This was a crucial point in my faith journey. Control, for me, was one of my greatest sins. I thought it was my hard work. But Matt pointed the way for me to see there is no way I could have controlled how my life ended up, and that Jesus was carrying me. Then Matt taught me now that I knew this new faith, I was obligated—and I felt the Spirit leading me—that I needed to go make disciples of others and bring others closer to Jesus.  Matt’s teaching re-centered my faith on Jesus, and what we are really here to do.”

Pray with Us

We are praying for each of you regularly and thank God for you. We would appreciate your prayers:

  • For the Spirit to go before us in the lives of the people in the Springfield area.
  • For God to appoint the right house for us since it will be the hub of our activity.
  • For spiritual protection during this season.


Thanks for Your Prayers, Encouragement, and Support
Matt, Hawley, Eden, Zoë, Simeon, & Caleb