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Welcome to our growing library of resources for disciple-multiplication ministry. This training content is open source and for multiplying, so feel free to reproduce anything and modify it to make it your own if you like—freely we have received, freely we give to you (Matthew 10:8). All resources are linked here on one page and divided into the following categories. Most are PDF files, but some are links to other pages or external sites.

Multiplication Principles

  • Being Spiritually Conspicuous
  • Person of Peace
  • Eyes to See Where the Kingdom Isn’t
  • Expecting Non-sequential Growth
  • Extraordinary Prayer
  • Pace of Multiplication
  • Always Part of Two Groups/Churches
  • Baptism Hammer

Relational Stewardship

  • Oikos Map
  • List of 100

Devotional Practices

Gospel Sharing Tools

  • Shema Statements
  • BLESS Pattern of Prayer
  • Prepare Your Testimony
  • 3 Circles Gospel Presentation

Groups & Bible Studies

  • 3/3rds Group Format
  • Accountability Partnerships
  • Accountability Questions for Children
  • Discovery Bible Studies

Family Worship

Leadership Training & Advanced Topics

  • MAWL Training Cycle
  • Duckling Discipleship
  • Leadership Cells
  • Three-Month Plan
  • Advanced Accountability Questions
  • Peer Mentoring Groups
  • Acts 2 Church Circle
  • Four Fields
  • Biblically Qualified Leadership
  • Generational Mapping
  • Coaching Checklist
  • CPM/DMM Bibliography

Articles by Matt & Hawley


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