Playlists for Family Worship

We have created playlists for each week of the calendar year for family worship (i.e., Week 1 is the week of January 1 and so on). Please be sure to see our Family Worship Guide for a full explanation of the context for these songs and playlists. You will need to download the Spotify app if you do not have it already, and you may want to consider upgrading to a paid plan to avoid advertisements—if you end up using these playlists regularly, it is well worth the investment.

Each week includes a sung catechism question and answer from the New City Catechism , a sung memory verse of Scripture, a hymn of the week, and the same doxology each week. The hymns are a “best of” set that will help children learn a solid repertoire of some of the most popular hymns. Note that we have chosen mainly contemporary settings to these songs but have tried to stay as close to traditional settings.

Our family worships together seven days a week when we can, which means we get a good and steady dose of this content that we and our children end up memorizing over the course of days, weeks, and years of repetition. We recommend approximating this approach as much as possible.

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