Empowering ordinary people like you to share your faith in Jesus.

WHY Should You Share Your Faith? WHO Should You Share with?

Before you learn HOW to share your faith in Jesus with others, we want you to know WHY you should even care. And WHO you can talk to about these things. To access a very simple resource on WHY and WHO, sign up here. You’ll receive instant access to this and other practical training content. Don’t miss this opportunity. Getting some simple training could have an eternal impact on the people you love.

About Your Guides: Matt and Hawley Schneider

We’re followers of Jesus who want to help ordinary people like you share your faith. Hawley started following Jesus when she was 12. Matt started following Jesus when he was 26. One thing we had in common when we first came to faith was a strong impulse to share Jesus with others. But no one trained either of us to do so. We floundered on our own and lost confidence fast. We don’t want you to have the same struggle. Our mission is to empower people like you to share your faith with those you love. We’ve been married and collaborating in this work for over 12 years. Now we’d like to be your guides to help you share your faith.

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